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Berkeley Lab BI Portal (OCFO Cognos) Upgrade


  • The current Berkeley Lab Business Intelligence (BI) Portal  (,  the application for OCFO Cognos Reports will be upgraded to the newest version (Cognos 11) in July 2021
    • Cognos 11, also known as Cognos Analytics provides enhanced functionality
    • The upgrade is similar to a computer Windows 7 to 10 upgrade where the navigation (look of the application, mouse clicks etc. ) on how to run a report will be slightly different
    • For users who have been using HR Analytics & Reporting ( post UCPath, the change and the learning process will be minimal since HR reports are on the latest version of Cognos already

New Name

    • Beginning July 12, 2021, the reports will be available on the upgraded application, which will be available on a new portal named LBNL Business Analytics & Reporting (BAR), which will replace the current name Berkeley BI Portal


    • The upgraded LBNL BAR application will go live on July 12, 2021

Upgrade Approach

    • Only current reports from the BI Portal will be migrated to LBNL BAR automatically
      • Current is defined as: the report has been used within a 24 month period before the upgrade in July, 2021 (used on or after June 1, 2019)
      • Any report not used in the previous 24 months (since June 2019) will not be moved to LBNL BAR
    • The current BI Portal will continue to exist along with the new LBNL BAR portal until January, 2022
      • This allows a grace period for users-if they run into any issue with a report in LBNL BAR, they can still use the old report from the BI Portal
    • Review the deck below for details on how the OCFO Business Systems Group is working to minimize the impacts of the upgrade:

Categories of Reports 

    • Institutional Reports
      • These are most commonly used reports, Lab wide. These reports were developed by the IT and/or OCFO Business Systems Group (BSG)
      • Approximately 60 reports (e.g. Cost Analyzer, PO Details, Effort Details etc.)
    • Public Self-Service Reports (also known as Divisional Folders)
      • These are reports developed primarily by OCFO Field Finance (FF) group and by other OCFO and Divisional Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and shared with other users
      • Approximately 2500 reports used since June, 2019
    • Private Self-Service Reports (My Folders)
      • These are reports developed by users themselves for their unique business needs.
      • Only owners of these reports can access their own reports
      • Approximately 725 reports used since June, 2019



    • Two training courses are currently being developed
      • Basic: Navigation, how to run a report etc. Recommended for all users who run reports 
      • Intermediate: Advanced tools like how to modify or create a report. Recommended for "power" users
    • The courses will be available via online eLearns and also via Zoom workshops beginning in  June, 2021