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Berkeley Lab BI Portal (OCFO Cognos) Upgrade


  • The current Berkeley Lab Business Intelligence (BI) Portal  (,  the application for OCFO Cognos Reports will be upgraded to the newest version (Cognos 11) in July 2021
    • Cognos 11, also known as Cognos Analytics provides enhanced functionality
    • The upgrade is similar to a computer Windows 7 to 10 upgrade where the navigation (look of the application, mouse clicks etc. ) on how to run a report will be slightly different
    • For users who have been using HR Analytics & Reporting ( post UCPath, the change and the learning process will be minimal since HR reports are on the latest version of Cognos already

New Name

    • Beginning July 12, 2021, the reports will be available on the upgraded application, which will be available on a new portal named LBNL Business Analytics & Reporting (BAR), which will replace the current name Berkeley BI Portal


    • The upgraded LBNL BAR application will go live on July 12, 2021

Upgrade Approach

    • Only current reports from the BI Portal will be migrated to LBNL BAR automatically
      • Current is defined as: the report has been used within a 24 month period before the upgrade in July, 2021 (used on or after June 1, 2019)
      • Any report not used in the previous 24 months (since June 2019) will not be moved to LBNL BAR
      • The new LBNL BAR self service reports reflect the old BI Portal as of Saturday morning, July 3 so if you updated any BI Portal self service reports on or after July 3, you will need to update them again in LBNL BAR.  If you created any new BI Portal self service reports on or after July 3 and would like them transferred to LBNL BAR, please let us know by opening an askUS help desk ticket.
    • The current BI Portal will continue to exist along with the new LBNL BAR portal in read only mode with updated data until ~January, 2022
      • This allows a grace period for users-if they run into any issue with a report in LBNL BAR, they can still use the old report from the BI Portal
    • Review the deck below for details on how the OCFO Business Systems Group is working to minimize the impacts of the upgrade:

Categories of Reports 

    • Institutional Reports
      • These are most commonly used reports, Lab wide. These reports were developed by the IT and/or OCFO Business Systems Group (BSG)
      • Approximately 60 reports (e.g. Cost Analyzer, PO Details, Effort Details etc.)
    • Public Self-Service Reports (also known as Divisional Folders)
      • These are reports developed primarily by OCFO Field Finance (FF) group and by other OCFO and Divisional Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and shared with other users
      • Approximately 2500 reports used since June, 2019
    • Private Self-Service Reports (My Folders)
      • These are reports developed by users themselves for their unique business needs.
      • Only owners of these reports can access their own reports
      • Approximately 725 reports used since June, 2019