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System Access

How to Request Access to OCFO Systems

NOTE: All Berkeley Lab employees with an LDAP account may use eBuy and the Cognos Reporting System without needing special access.

Resource Analysts: Additional access as outlined below is provided after completion of the following training courses. See the Training web site for access to course content.

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Access Essential Financial Information Cognos Data Warehouse Users may access financial information in FMS 9.2. LDAP access is required.

Training for how to use Portfolio Dashboards, Cost Analyzer, Standard Reports and Query Viewer may be found in course FMS1100: Accessing Essential Financial Information and the FMS Knowledge Base. Additional training on Reporting is found in the Intermediate Financial Reporting course found here.
Create regular (non-eBuy) purchase requisitions FMS: ePro Procurement / Training Required Only trained eProcurement Requisition Preparers can create on-line ePro requisitions. You can become an ePro Requisition Preparer by taking the online FMS1406 ePro Requisition Preparer course. Access is automatically granted the day after passing the test in the course. If you are not a preparer, you can send your requirement for goods or services to a trained Requisition Preparer for processing.

More information is available on the Procurement website.
Approve purchase requisitions, travel expense reports, and RFICs Multiple Systems/ Training Required Financial transactions can only be approved by authorized signers based on their delegated dollar value of authority.

Review the Signature Authority Policy and complete the Online Signature Authority Training. Submit the Delegation of Signature Authority form to the appropriate Division management for approval. For PCard Approvals the PCard Approver Course is required.
Approve resource adjustments and service accruals FMS: Training Required Completion of FMS1217 is required.

Additional Access for Trained Resource Analysts

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Setup/Maintain ProjectsFMS/eSRA Training Recommended   Projects are [primarily] automatically setup from source data entry using the Berkeley Lab's eSRA system. Training on using the eSRA system can be found here.

For DOE Direct Proposals, the following training is applicable:

Create Resource Adjustments (Labor and Non-Labor) and Service AccrualsFMS: Resource Adjustment Preparer Training Required
  1. Review the Resource Adjustment Policy.
  2. Complete the FMS1216 Resource Adjustment Preparer course.
  3. For Non-Labor Resource Adjustments access (in FMS): Ask your OCFO direct supervisor to log a Help Desk ticket requesting access stating that you have completed the FMS1216 course FMS for Non-Labor Resource Adjustments.
  4. For Labor Resource Adjustments access (in HRIS): Ask your OCFO direct supervisor to email requesting access to hrisaccess@lbl.gov with a cc to your designated Field Operations Finance Manager, for concurrence, stating that you have completed the FMS1216 course.
Setup/Maintain WFO ProposalsFMS: Grants/Training RequiredSee the eSRA training available via the eSRA Website.
Allocate Funding to a Project/ActivityFMS: Budget/ Funding/ Training RequiredCompletion of Course FMS1215 is available for all Resource Analysts and other individuals allocating funding to projects and activities. The course slides may be found here. The online course can be found here.
Create/Manage a PlanFMS: Budget/ Planning/ Training RequiredComplete the online Planning System Training in Berkeley Lab's online learning software, UPK.

  • For Field Operations staff send a request for access to the Field Operations (Acting) Manager, Jeremy Coyne.
  • For Non-Field Operations staff your Business Manager should log a FMS Help Desk ticket requesting user access. 

Additional training materials are available on the Planning System wiki.
Update Recharge Service Accounts (Service Access Management system or SAM) SAMThe Service Account Management (SAM) portal allows authorized employees to update project IDs associated with recharged service user accounts (eg, cell phone services, Carbonite backups, ReadyTalk accounts). Information on how to use the system can be found at this link.

You can only update Project IDs for services in Departments for which you have authorization. To submit a request to become authorized to make service Project ID changes, send an email to tsc@lbl.gov.